Hi there!

My name is Jack Willis, I come from Syracuse, NY and I’m a student at Syracuse University studying computer science. I’m an avid gamer, my game of choice being Destiny 2. I love front-end web development and in the future hope to combine this passion with blockchain to pursue a career in Web 3.0.


I’m currently attending Syracuse University pursuing my bachelor’s in computer science and a minor in mathematics. I've taken courses like: Software Implementation, Analysis of Algorithms, Computer Graphics and Software Design. Regarding future education, I hope to obtain a graduate degree in computer science.

My Diagnosis

At the age of five my twin brother and I were diagnosed with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, a degenerative neuromuscular disease. While the disease slowly progressed throughout my adolescence, robbing me of ambulation, I was involved in a clinical trial that yielded the first treatment for Duchenne. Additionally, I advocated in Washington, D.C for Duchenne awareness and later spoke on behalf of the drug previously mentioned at an FDA approval committee.